Snake hide in these places in rainy season

Snake hide in bike-car, shoes, and clothing hide in the rain season, avoid these 6 things


In the rainy season, from wearing clothes and shoes, be careful while car-biking.


Utility Desk The occurrence of snake and scorpion is common in the rainy season and we defend ourselves from it. But when this snake and scorpion hide behind in our clothes, shoes, car or bike, then believe that we are traveling with death. In the rainy season, there are many such news stories that you get to read in the newspapers that under the car seat, the snake was seated and the car rammed the people.


Today we are alerting you. While wearing clothes and shoes, take a look while sitting in a car-bike. Dr. Pravin Tamot, the zoologist of the Maharani Laxmibai College, tells you what precautions you should take in the rainy season:


1. Do not park the car near the trees

Car or bike operators should not park the vehicle in such places where there are large number of trees and plants. With the help of these snakes enter the trains. Under the seat in the car, in the trunk, the snake hides in the place of shutting the gate. The bikes are hidden inside the front head light in the bike and near the tool box.


2. Focus on the maintenance of shoe

In the rainy season, shoes should not be kept outside or in a place that is open space or the outer part of the house. From this, snakes and scorpions sit in holes and cut off while wearing shoes. So keep the shoe inside the house and take care of it carefully once you wear it.


3. Must see before wearing cloth

In rainy days, people wear clothes in one place. Clothes are high and among them the snakes – scorpions hide and fall. Just like if you put clothes in the cupboard, note that there is not too much clothes. Regardless of whoever is organized Surely, before you wear them, if you swing and pick up the clothes, then guess the weight. Leave the cloth immediately after heavy load.


4. Of course, look at the items in the trunk

Whenever you open a trunk for any work, you must definitely check that everything is organized and well-organized. Take out the trunk to remove any luggage before looking for it. Raincoat kept in a trunk, flip the jacket before wearing it.


5. Avoid walking barefoot

In the rainy season people should not walk barefoot. At the same time, it should not be done in the place where small trees are more or garbage spread. If you are a farmer then it would be nice to wear a shoe over the knees in the fields.

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