Special Story On Ashtabhuja Dham Mandir In Pratapgarh

For 900 years, there are idols in this temple without idols


Aurangzeb had cut the head of statues of the eight-year-old Ashtabhuja Dham temple built in Gonde village of Pratapgad.


One such temple, where most of the gods and goddesses do not have a head on their idols. However, people do not worship fragmented idols, but these idols are being preserved for 900 years and they are also worshiped. Aurangzeb had cut the statues of idols …

– Tell us that Aurangzeb had cut the head of the idol of Lord Vashti Bhujaja temple in the 900-year-old Gonde village of Pratapgarh, 170 km away from the capital. These scattered statues are still preserved in this temple in the same situation.


Aurangzeb had given this order


According to ASI Records, Mughal ruler Aurangzeb ordered the breaking of Hindu temples in 1699 AD.

To save it at that time, the priest here had built the main entrance of the temple in the shape of the mosque, thereby causing confusion and escape the temple.


Army chief’s eyes


– The Mughal army almost came out in front of it, but an army commander was caught in the temple for hours.

Then the commander asked his soldiers to go inside the temple and all the statues of the idols set here were cut off. Even today the idols of this temple are seen in the same way.

11th century’s these temples


After seeing temple walls, carvings and various types of shapes, historians and archaeologists consider it made up of 11th century.

According to the Gazetteer, this temple was built by the King of Somvanshi Kshatriya Gharana.

– Shapes made at the temple gate are very similar to the famous Khajuraho temple of Madhya Pradesh.


Statue of the goddess Ashtavhuja goddess


– This temple has an idol of eight-octavatabhuja goddess. The villagers say that earlier in this temple, Ashtabhuja was an ancient statue of Goddess Ashta Dhat. 15 years ago he was stolen

After this, the villagers have established a stone statue of Ashtabhuja Devi with collective support.

Nobody could read the secret in the temple


– There is something written in a special language at the main gate of this temple. Many archaeologists and historians have failed to understand what language it is.

– Some historians call it Brahmi script, so far no one understood the old language, but what has been written here.


What does the priest of the temple say?


– Ramsjivan Giri, priest of the temple, said that it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the ancientity of this temple. This temple is mentioned in the history, but due to administrative neglect the condition of this temple has become very pathetic.

– Rural help is very helpful in its renovation, but administrative help is very important to avoid this historical heritage.

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