Stealing Attempt In Baroda Rajasthan Rural Bank

Break the lock of the bank inside, cash was not found, then went on eating gaskar-snacks


Hungry hungry, the gajak and snacks kept in the bank also took the computer, took the computer


Sardarshahr / Churu. A man in Rajasthan’s Churu district, Baroda, broke into the Rajasthan rural bank’s locks and entered inside. Due to no opening of the safe, four lakh rupees kept in it remained safe. The young man who tried to open the bank tried to open the safe for about two to two and a half hours. Even for this, he also tried to break the wall behind the safe, but if he did not succeed, he was stolen from the computer.


During this period, he also dug the Gajak and the salt in the bank. All the activities of the youth were imprisoned in the CCTV camera in the bank. When the staff reached the morning in the morning, the locals reported broken and informed the police.


– After getting the information, the police station officer Anil Vishwai reached the spot with the police team.


He inspected the bank with bank manager Sunil Soni and checked the footage of the CCTV cameras, then all the activities of the said youth were imprisoned.

Stealing Attempt In Baroda Rajasthan Rural Bank

The bank did not have the watchman, the wall of Safe also broke

– Manager Soni told that four lakh rupees were kept in safe. Save money worth four lakh rupees was saved because the youth did not open the safe. The lock which did not open the lock. The bank did not even have a janitor.



Cops caught in the bank’s thief

– According to the information, he entered the youth bank at around 12 o’clock in the night. He tried to open the safe kept there for two and a half hours. Within two and a half hours, the youth tried to open the saff and kept eating gajak and snacks there.

– According to the footage of the CCTV Camer, a young man wearing a coat written ‘OXFORD’ is appearing in an effort to open the saff as a gasker with great ease.



Computer interrupted due to theft

– If the youth entered the bank did not succeed in opening the safe, then the computer was stolen. Due to computer theft, other activities including bank transactions were interrupted on Monday.
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