Summer Heat Increase In Sikar

Summer Heat Increase In Sikar which cause trouble death if neglect


Degree has broken the heat crisis


Sikar: Break the heat record, Pare has raised the troubles of the people. In the last 48 hours, more than 175 cases of fever and diarrhea have come in Kalyan Hospital. Of these 35 patients have been admitted. Including the number of patients coming to private hospitals in the district, this number has reached more than 600. Due to high heat, patients have increased up to 20% in hospitals. Kalyan Hospital has been filled due to the high number of patients with high fever and vomiting diarrhea.

Do not carelessly

Pediatrician Mohit Vora said that the body temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, all the internal organs work in the body. The body temperature becomes more frequent due to frequent sun exposure. When the body temperature is greater than 42 degrees, the temperature increases and blood-bleeding blood protein starts to cook. Breast protein begins to become harder than the muscles. The vital components of breathing also stop working. The amount of water in the body decreases. The blood becomes thicker This leads to BP loss. Blood is not transmitted to the brain. There may also be casual death during this period.

No arrangement


There is no separate ward for patients suffering from Lu and Tapagata in the district’s largest welfare hospital. During the past one week, the number of patients with vomiting has become so much that patients are being laid out in the recovered out of wards. Sources said that patients suffering from Lu and stroke in Tromba are being admitted as dehydration or abdominal patients.


They say


It is true that while looking at the summer, different wards are arranged for lu and heat stroke. But there is so much of Indoor Patients that even a bad can not keep empty. There is no separate ward in this.

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