Tamilnadu students created the country’s first automatic wheelchair

Tamilnadu students created the country’s first automatic wheelchair; Finds the road itself, saves even from the pits


The wheelchair has robotic operating systems and laser sensors. This makes it a map of the surroundings.


In BTech, three students of Tamil Nadu have created the country’s first automatic wheelchair. The special thing is that the Chair itself is able to find the way and move the user from one place to another. It uses Robotic Operating System (ROS), which prevents it from pits and obstacles. Usually this type of foreign chair is very expensive, but students of Amrit University have prepared it at a cost of less than Rs 1 lakh.


The life of millions of patients can be easy

Professor RK Megalangalam, who supervises the project with the students, says that if needed, then we will also be in the wheelchair’s testing hospital and at the airport. If this technique is used commercially then the lives of millions of people who have come on wheelchairs can be easy. Attempts are being made for this. Patients will no longer have to use the joystick to run a wheelchair. If they have trouble using smartphones, then any member of the house can operate the chair from the mobile app.


How does the automatic wheelchair

Engineer student Ankur Ravi Teja, Sharat Srikanth and Akhil Raj have succeeded in creating this after two years of hard work. According to the students, ROS in the chair prepares the surrounding dynamic and static map. This map shows through the laser sensor on the screen. The place that will be selected in the user map, while looking for the Chair path, it starts moving in that direction itself.

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