Two Success Story

2 story of success: In a hostel giving 3-month-old daughter , 3-year preparatory to become sub-inspector

Marriage in 2013, daughter’s birth in 2015 and sub-inspector made in 2018.


If there is a desire to do something in the heart, then the person can touch the sky too. It has proved that Rupa Pal, a small village of Bhooli Navdih, in Dhanbad district, has shown. Rupa has been selected as Jharkhand sub-inspector. Sisur Sunil Pal has retired nearly eight years before clerk position at PK Roy College, Dhanbad. At the same time, husband Srikant runs a computer shop. Sub-inspector made in 3-year preparations.


– In December 2013 Rupa got married during college studies. In 2015 they gave birth to a daughter. After marriage, Rupa was passionate about getting a good position. She handed her 3-month-old daughter to her husband in 2015 to stay in the hostel to prepare for preparations. After 3 years of hard work, success has been achieved in the Jharkhand Sub-Inspector’s examination in 2018.


Son-of-the-dealer’s son-sub-inspector


Mobin, living in Rajganj Gali Kulhi, Dhanbad also became a sub-inspector. Mobin achieved success in the examinations conducted by JPSC in 2017. In the list released by JPSC, the name of Mobin came in the Rajgun area on Wednesday, people started celebrating happiness.


– Mobin’s mother Shahnaz Begum works for selling bangles by putting a shop along the roadside. While her father Yasin stitched torn clothes on the sidewalk. Mobin works with mother to wear bangles for women. Mother said – son was quick to read and write from childhood.

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