UAN Number Is Necessary For Employed People

There is a UAN number for people employed, the method of generating it is simple


Universal Account Number has been given to all PF shareholders after 2013.


If you do a job and do not have a UAN number then do not wait for the company to provide you the number. You can generate your Universal Account Number (UAN) automatically. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is offering this facility. It is important that your mobile number is linked from the base. By generating this number, you can link your PF account to it. The way to generate a UAN number is very simple:


What is uan number

Universal Account Number has been given to all PF shareholders after 2013. With this help the PF contributor can see details about their PF account. The contributor can also work related to his PF account with this help. Like online PF transfer, updating a KYC, extracting a PF passbook, and many more online work.


Generate such a UAN number

– First go to EPFO’s member portal by clicking on

– Click on Direct UAN Alotement here.

– The screen will appear, it will have to enter your base number.

– Then click Generate OTP (One Time Password).

– OTP will come from your base on the linked mobile number.

– Entering OTP and Excluding Disclaimer will show you the submit button. Click on this button.

– Click on the submit button, there is a detail feed on your base, it will appear on the screen. Like your name, father’s name and date of birth.

– You can give the second details requested on the screen by verifying this data.

– After entering the captcha code and extracting the disclaimer, click on the register button.

– You will be aligned to the UAN as soon as you click on the register button. Its message will appear on screen.


Make UAN password as such

While making a password for a 12 digit UAN number, a few things should be kept in mind. Just like in the password, the first letter (LATTER) number (NUMBERS) has to be created by typing a special character.
Like- Raama123 @


Password reset in five steps

If you have forgotten the UAN password, you have to go through five steps to change it. like-

– In the UAN portal you have to click on the forg password.

– Fill your UAN and CAPTCHA code here.

– Verify mobile number and order OTP.

– Confirm it by entering a new password.

– The password will come on the mobile number linked to your base.


Why is UAN number necessary

The main objective of the government to issue UN numbers is that PF holders do not have to go round the office for information about items like PF, pension. When the employer first left the job from an institute, the company did not sign on the employer’s PF farm. From this, the amount of PF was stuck. But now with the arrangement of the UN number, the institute where the employer goes, has to give only the UAN and PF account number. The institute here starts putting the amount in its PF account online. The advantage of this is that once you create a UAN number and work on any institution throughout the life, this will be the same.


These are easy to get done with UAN number

– This can remove and transfer online PF.

– You can download UN card and take advantage of new feature in the future.

If you have more than one PF account then connect them with the same UAN number.

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