Weather : How To Storm Reaches Mediterranean Sea To Delhi

Turkey rises in the ocean, hurricanes, then kicks in the mountains in Kashmir, strikes north India


According to the Meteorological Department, these winds from Delhi will go towards Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra.


New Delhi. From Kashmir to Jharkhand, there have been storms in 13 states of the country for the past five days. According to the Meteorological Department, there are storm-storm conditions every year between April and May, but this time they are more intense. The storm first arises between the temperature of more than 25 degrees in the Mediterranean Sea (Mediterranean Sea) between Europe and Africa. From there it reaches Jammu and Kashmir via Turkey, Iraq and Iran. It collides with the mountains and turns to Delhi. After this, it affects every state of the country coming in the way. Going 4 points its move.


Hurricane, dusty storm hits Delhi and Haryana; Visibility decreases on roads; Alerts in 13 states issued

1) Higher waves rise in the Mediterranean due to temperature rise

– When the temperature of the sea reaches 25 to 29 degrees Celsius in the Mediterranean Sea in Europe and Africa, then many waves of waves begin to rise. This creates sea storms. Due to this, moisture starts rising in the sky at a height of 33 thousand feet.


2) In the middle of the plains do not reach the land directly to India.


These winds knock in Jammu and Kashmir, India, through Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Here it collides with mountains situated at an altitude of 20 thousand feet.


– Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan are plains. So these winds do not stop here.


3) Winds from Delhi to Jammu and Kashmir


– After the arrival of Jammu and Kashmir, the direction of these winds changes after colliding with the mountains.


These winds then move to the hilly and plains of northern India, thereby changing the weather of states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


4) It will grow further


According to the Meteorological Department, these winds from Delhi will go towards Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. However, then the wind speed will slow down.


What is Western disturbance?

– Sky Meteorologist Mahesh Palawat said that the western disturbance changes the climate of India. This is the system of weather that impacts India yearly.


What are cyclonic winds?

According to the weather scientist Kuldeep Shrivastav, when the temperature for five days in any area was more than 40 degrees and suddenly the moist winds reached, the warm air arising from up to 14 thousand feet, combined with humidity, made the clouds.

The mercury in Rajasthan is 40 degrees, so warm winds up to 14 thousand feet


The maximum temperature in Rajasthan was more than 40 degrees Celsius. Due to this, hot winds rose up to 14 thousand feet and reaching Jammu and Kashmir, the humid winds from the western disturbances knocked on Rajasthan. For this reason, the system of cyclonic winds in Rajasthan.


Cloud in May

According to weather scientists, the activities of western disturbances are more in May. Due to this, clouds can remain cloudy in the coming days in May. After Tuesday, the clouds will again be cloudy on 9th and 10th May and the winds are expected to move. Rain is also expected during this period.

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