Whatsapp Group Default Admin Setting Is Very Dangerous Know Everything About It

Social Intelligence Q & A: Even if you are connected to a WhatsApp group, you become default administrator, maybe jail


If any objectionable content of any kind is shared in the group, then the police can arrest the admin.


The instant messaging app can be jailed even if you are connected to a group on WhatsApp. With this, any kind of offensive posting in the group can be prosecuted for sedition. Indeed, 21-year-old Junaid, a resident of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, has been jailed for the last 5 months. According to the police, Junaid was the manager of a WhatsApp group and the objectionable message was shared in that group, due to which he was arrested.


At the same time, Junaid’s family says that when the objectionable message was shared in the group then Junaid was in Ratlam and at that time Junaid was not even an Administrator of that group. But because the group of the group had left the group, Junaid became the default administrator and the police arrested him under the IT Act and IPC Section 124A (Treason). Therefore, we are going to tell you everything related to this news that every WhatsApp user needs to know.


Question 1. Junaid has been arrested in what case?

Answer: Junaid was arrested in February under the IT Act and IPC Section-12A (Treason). In fact, Junaid was associated with a WhatsApp group, a person named Irfan did ‘objectionable message’. Irfan was the admin of that group, but after leaving the message, he left the group.


Question 2. If Irfan was an administrator, why did Junaid get arrested?

Answer: According to Junaid’s brother Farooq, when Irfan messaged the group, then there was no Junaid admin. But due to the default group admin setting in WhatsApp, Junaid became the manager of the group and the police arrested him.


Question 3. Can not release Junaid on bail?

Answer: No, Junaid is being sued for sedition and there is no provision for bail under it. The trial of treason is run when the person opposes the government by speaking, writing or insults the national mark or tries to humiliate the constitution. In such cases there is a provision of punishment from three years to life imprisonment.


Question 4. Junaid was a member of the group, how did the admin become?

Answer: Actually, there is at least one admin for the group in WhatsApp. At that time Irfan was the group’s admin, but he left the group, so he became Junaid’s administrator. This is the setting in the WhatsApp group. If there is only one administrator in any group, then the other admin is automatically created by leaving his group, but if the group is more than one, then it is not so.


Question 5. Can not make the group without the Admin?

Answer: No, WhatsApp Group cannot be made without admin. Whoever makes any group, it is his admin and he has the right to add or remove anyone.


Question 6. Can more than one admin be?

Answer: Yes, who has created that group, any member of the group has the right to administer it. Even after this, he remains a member of the group. All the administrators in the group have equal rights.


Question 7. Who created the group, he should not be an administrator, can it be?

Answer: This may happen, but for that, the group’s admin will have to make another member an administrator. If he makes the other an admin and removes all his rights then he becomes a member of the group.


Question 8. What will happen if the admin leaves the group only?

Answer: The group continues to run even if the Admin leaves the group. However, if the group was the only admin, then the second-default default member would be the member of the group. But there was more than one administrator in that group, then nothing will happen.


Question 9. When the second message in the group, then why the punishment to the admin?

Answer: This is because the other members of the group do not have any authority over the administration. If any false, fraudulent or objectionable content is being posted in the group then the responsibility of the administrator is to prevent it from happening. If the admin still does not stop, then the police can arrest the man under the IT Act.


Question 10. What to do to prevent this?

Answer: The best way to avoid this is that if a member is posting objectionable posts in the group, then he should be removed from the group. No unnamed person should be added to the group and if added also, then he should not be made an administrator. Apart from this, if any wrong content is shared in the group, then the complaint should be first made to the police.

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