Winter Scheduler Of Flights on Jaipur airport

Winter schedule on Jaipur airport, 2 flights start and 2 closed

A new schedule for flights has been implemented at the airport.

Winter Scheduler Of Flights : For Delhi, no flight will be available before 6.00 am. Two new flights have started in the new schedule. A flight from Jaipur to Varanasi and another to Jaisalmer. There was no flight for Jaisalmer for last decade. At the same time, connecting Varanasi will facilitate people who go to pilgrimage.


Two new flights start

– Flight SG-2981 will arrive at 11 o’clock in Jaisalmer,
– Flight SG-2982 will come from Jaisalmer to Jaipur (will arrive at 4:55 pm)
– Flight SG-2985 will go to Varanasi at 6:25 AM,
– Flight SG-2986 will come from Varanasi, Jaipur,
– Jaipur will come from Varanasi at 8:35 AM


Changes in these flights

– Time for Air India’s Dubai Flight IX 196/195,
– Now it will be at 5:45 in the morning instead of 3:35 pm Dubai,
– Go Air’s Mumbai flight G8-347 will now be G8-388,
IndiGo’s Delhi flight 6 E-6134 will now be 6 E-6606,
– IndiGo’s Hyderabad flight 6 E-5155 will now be 6 E-6151,
– Jet’s Mumbai flight 9W-233 will now be S2-4583,
– Jet flight will go at 8:30 instead of 8:10 in the morning,
– Go Air’s Mumbai Flight G8-392 will now be G8-492,
– Jet’s Mumbai flight 9W-2054 will now be S2-4054,
– This Jet flight will go at 5.00 pm instead of 4:40 pm,
– Jet’s Mumbai flight 9W-417 will now be S2-4417


CS’s meeting today for the compensation of three High Rise buildings of the airport.


Chief Secretary Ashok Jain will meet on Wednesday to discuss the three high-rise buildings within 100 meters of the airport. In addition to Civil Aviation, in the meeting with UDH and JDA officers, CS will finalize the compensation for the three seasons buildings. Apart from this, the decision will also be made about what the three buildings have to be used in the future.
It is worth mentioning that after the objection about the safety of the airport authority, the three high-rise buildings of the state’s 100-meter hanger were sealed.
– The final decision on the proposal sent by the JDA over how much compensation should be given to the owners of these three is to be done by the government.

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