You Can Diagnose Many Health Issue After Seeing Eyes

From BP to kidney problems, eyes can tell these 10 diseases


The color of the eyes, the swelling and stains of nearby areas, make us aware of many diseases.


The color of the eyes of him – swelling and stains of nearby areas makes us aware of many diseases. By understanding these and going to the doctor at the right time, we can avoid many diseases. Among them, from being a bag below the eyes to the color of the eyelids. Looking at these signs, we can find out about the diseases from liver to kidneys.


Dr. Manish Jain, a journal physician from Bombay Hospital, Indore says there are two reasons for the bag being made under the eyes. Liquid or mucus deposits under the eyes Being an I Bag can be an indication that kidney and bladder are not working properly. Eye bags also tell about other diseases. Let’s know about them.


If there is black spot or pimple on the eyed bag, then it should be understood that there is a mess in the kidney. This happens even because of nutrition deficiency.


Problems of prostate, ovary, I have become an Ibeg, even if there is a problem in the eutros.

Ovaries can produce bags, syst, in the eutra, and cancer can also be made. So if long bags are made, then go to the doctor and make sure the consultant.

Liver color and disease

The deep red color inside the eyelid below can be a sign of increasing blood pressure.


Taking excessive alcohol and sugar also makes the color red.


The color of the eyelid can be white, there may be an indication of blood loss and cholesterol level increase.


The yellow color of the eyelids inside the eyes can be a sign of liver and pancreatic disorder.


Pink color is indicative of being healthy. It also shows that the heart and circulation system are working properly.


Eye color

The color of the surrounding parts of the eyes also tells about the diseases. The clear color and soft skin of the eyes around the eyes indicates your health.


Black color

The color around the eyes may be dark or dark, indicating the kidneys’ wakeenness. The color becomes even when there is a lack of blood.


Red color

The red color of the surrounding skin shows that there is a lot of load on your heart. This signal is visible even when there is a delay in periods in women.


Purple color

Purple color indicates that the circulation system, the excretory system (emission mechanism) is not working properly.

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